Global Facilities

USA Hawaii

SIS Hawaii, previously known as Pacific Aquaculture and Biotechnology (PAB), started in 2006 at its temporary facilities in Kapolei, Hawaii with a program to develop improved SPF stocks of the Asian tiger prawn P monodon by selective breeding. Permanent production facilities were acquired in 2008 at the State of Hawaii’s Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority (NELHA) located in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. This site, on 5.0 Ha of land, consists of a Nucleus Breeding Center, production tanks, hatchery and administrative buildings, and has proven to be ideal for both shrimp breeding and broodstock multiplication.

The facility now houses the genetic nucleus for P vannamei, P monodon, P stylirostris and a separate broodstock multiplication facility for P vannamei with the capacity to produce and ship about 250,000 commercial broodstock per year. All shrimp at the facility are subject to the disease surveillance program of the State of Hawaii which involves periodic testing by PCR for OIE listed pathogens. Sampling and testing are performed by the State’s Aquatic Veterinarian according to OIE protocols, as mandated by State law. The program also includes a monthly USDA inspection where PCR samples are collected and tested for OIE listed pathogens at the University of Arizona within 30 days prior to shipping.