Innovative Products

Broodstock: SIS is a leading shrimp breeding company producing genetically improved SPF white shrimp, P vannamei broodstock. We provide our best-performing broodstock to shrimp farming operations throughout Asia and the Americas.

Postlarvae: SIS provides genetically improved SPF postlarvae (PL) of P vannamei to farmers for stocking directly into ponds. We are the major providers of PLs to the US seasonal aquaculture industry, namely Texas, Alabama, South Carolina and Florida, as well as operations in the Americas and the Caribbean. We occasionally serve the markets in South Africa and the Middle East.

Hatchery Feeds: SIS’ hatchery feeds are specially formulated to complement live feeds such as algae (Zoea, Mysis) and artemia (PLs). Our feeds are formulated with advanced technology solutions for optimum shrimp hatchery performance.