Global Facilities

SIS’s state-of-the-art production centers located in the USA and Asia include a Nucleus Breeding Center for P Vannamei, Penaeus Breeding Center, Broodstock Multiplication Centers and P Vannamei Shrimp Hatcheries.

USA Florida

SIS Florida is the original company facility that began operations in 1998 in the Florida Keys. It was chosen for its pristine waters, natural protected areas and resulting high level of biosecurity. The 3 Ha site contains the genetic nucleus for P vannamei and also houses a broodstock multiplication facility with the capacity to produce and ship 200,000 commercial breeders per year.

SIS Florida has a 21-year history of healthy stock based on its Hawaii-certified SPF broodstock, as further documented by test results of a quarterly sampling program of stocks submitted for PCR analysis to the University of Arizona’s Aquaculture Pathology Laboratory. The facility is certified annually by the State of Florida as compliant with Best Management Practices. Registered with U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) as an aquaculture export facility, SIS’ Islamorada animal holdings and all test records are voluntarily opened for annual inspection, leading to an uninterrupted history of APHIS endorsement of animal export health certification to countries around the world.